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Alternate Names: Curcuma, Curcuma domestica, Curcumae longa.
Part used:
Rhizomes, tubers.

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The plant of Turmeric is a herbaceous perennial, which is 60 -90 cm high. It has a short stem. It has large leaves oblong and up to one meter long. Flowers of the turmeric appear on a spike like the stalk. Its flowers are yellow white in colour. They are sterile and donot produce viable seed. The lamina is green above and pale green below, and is 30 -40 cm long and 8 -12 cm wide. Approximately 30 flowers are produced in a spike. Inflorescence is a central spike of 10 -15 cm in length. Its pant looks like the ginger pant.

Turmeric powder might well be the healthiest spice on Earth. Made by grinding the dried root of the Curcuma longa plant, this ancient superfood and key ingredient in curry powder has been used by Indian Ayurvedic healers for centuries. But in recent years, also the scientific community has begun to show interest in the potential health benefits of the turmeric root. Curcuma longa, and its main active component curcumin, have been evaluated as potential natural remedies for conditions like cancer, allergies, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, cataracts, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and cardiovascular disease. The potential health effects of turmeric are believed to be particularly strong when you eat turmeric in combination with black pepper.

– Of all the herbs useful in diabetes, turmeric is the most beneficial. It is very beneficial in all urinary tract infections.

– useful in toxic conditions

– useful in diabetes and urinary tract infections

– relieves itching sensation due to allergy

– used in wide variety of skin diseases

– useful for quick wound healing

– improves skin complexion

– natural detoxifier

– relieves intestinal worms and infected wounds

– useful in running nose, Upper respiratory tract infection

– useful in anorexia

-Useful antidote for insect bites on external application. It has anti toxic effect even on oral administration.

– useful in anemia, initial stages of liver disorders

– useful in wounds, sinuses

– detoxifies blood and skin

– natural anti inflammatory

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