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Alternate Names: Pippali, Pipul.
Part used:
Fruits, Roots.

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Pippali  – Long Pepper is a very unique spice. It has all qualities of a typical spice like useful in indigestion, asthma, cough etc. but it is also a very good aphrodisiac and anti aging spice.  Consider this – Pleehamaye Pippali – For all spleen related disorders, Pippali – Long pepper fruit is the best.

Digestive Aid- Pippali reduces excess body weight by digesting stagnant toxins in fat tissue and preventing them from building up due to improper gastric assimilating. Efficiently improving the uptake of nutrients, minerals and vitamins it diminishes obesityclears the skinsmooths wrinkles and slows down aging.

Respiratory support- Pippali freshens the lungs as it improves the flow of oxygen through enhanced vasodilation. This increased circulation infuses the lung tissue with extra vitality to ward off cough and coldfevers, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, and pneumonia.

Bone Strenghtener – Pippali has long been used to fortify the bones and support skeletal integrity. Working from the inside out it heals the bone marrow first then relieves conditions like back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, fractures, sprains and broken or brittle bones.

Heart ,Blood & Circulation -Pippali’s warming qualities invigorates the blood and tone the heart muscle. With improved circulation all the vital organs are oxygenated and function more efficiently. It treats heart disease, sciatica, impure blood, numbness and poor circulation.

Other Pippali Benefit – infertility, nausea, parasites


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