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Alternate Names: Myristica fragrans ,jayaphal,jatiphal.
Part used:
Seeds and fruit.

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Myristica fragrans is remarkable among spice plants in that it yields two important products, nutmeg and mace.

Nutmeg intoxication resembles anticholinergic intoxication, e.g. profuse sweating, flushed face, delirium, dry throat etc.  There is always an altered state of mind, e.g. hallucinations, confusion and an impending sense of doom.  Clinical symptoms may be contradictory depending on the length of time lapsed after ingesting the toxin. Symptoms also vary according to the dose taken and the variability between different samples of nutmegs.

  • The essential oil derived from Mace is considered to be the most efficacious. The oil is a potent brain booster. It increases concentration and relieves stress.
  • Mace is an excellent liver tonic.
  • It dissolves kidney stones and prevents infection.
  • The herb is also beneficial for the heart as it stimulates blood circulation.
  • Mace’s anti-inflammatory properties are used to treat joint and muscle aches.
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