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Alternate Names: Choti ilaichi, Hari ilaichi, Aelakka.
Part used:
Seeds ,pod and oil.

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  • Cardamom is used internally for indigestion, nausea, vomiting and pulmonary disease with copious phlegm.
  • It can be used with a laxative to prevent stomach pain, griping, as well as flatulence.
  • Cardamom seeds are chewed to sweeten the breath and to detoxify caffeine, in people taking excessive amounts of coffee. They are also used as a spice in cooking and as a flavoring in other medicines.
  • The oil made from cardamom seeds is very good for digestive system. It functions as a laxative and soothes colic, wind, dyspepsia and nausea.  It also works to warm the stomach and helps with heart burn.
  • In South Asia, green cardamom is extensively used to treat infections in teeth and gums. It is also used to prevent throat troubles, congestion of the lungs, pulmonary tuberculosis and inflammation of eyelids.
  • Cardamom is also brought in used to kidney stones and gall stones.
  • The culinary uses of cardamom are enormous, notably in India. In a variety of dishes, the seeds are bruised and fried before the main ingredients. In Scandinavia, cardamom is often used in baking dishes.
  • Cardamom species, in a different genus Amomum, are used to make traditional Indian medicines.
  • Among the other species and varieties of cardamom, Amomum villosum is used in making some traditional Chinese medicine, which can treat stomachaches, constipation, dysentery, and other digestion problems.

Health Benefits of Kachnar(Bauhinia Variegata)

Bauhinia tree parts have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-malarial, pain reducing, swelling reducing, cytotoxic, fever reducing and thyroid hormone regulating properties. In Ayurveda, the tree is used extensively for treating skin and glandular diseases, leprosy, intestinal worms, tumours, wounds, ulcers, inflammations, scrofula, protoptosis, haemorrhoids, haemoptysis, cough, menorrhagia and bleeding disorders. It is considered best for treating diseases of lymphatic system and glands. Ayurvedic medicine, Kanchnar guggulu is used in treatment of Hypothyroidism.

Galaganda is single swelling (cyst) in the throat and Gandamala is chain of swellings around the lower neck (cervical adenitis).
For Tonsils, Thyroid Problem Boil bark (20 gm) in water (200 ml) till water reduces to 50 ml. filter and drink.
For Jaundice grind leaves of Kachnar to extract juice. This juice can be taken twice a day. Dose for adult patient is 100 ml and for children is 15 ml.
For Mouth Ulcers, Bad Breath Take bark (10 gm) of Kachnar tree and boil in water (400 ml) till volume reduces to 100 ml. Filter and gargle frequently.
For Diarrhoea Take dried bark and ground to make powder. Take this powder (3 gm) twice a day
For Loss of appetite Drink leaves juice of Kachnar.
For Burning Sensation in Urine, Urinary Problems Take bark (10 gm), coriander seeds (4 gm) and cook in 250 ml of water. Filter, add misri and drink.

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