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Alternate Names: Amomum subulatum,Black Cardamom.
Part used:

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Black cardamom has a fresh and aromatic aroma which is complex in nature. It can be described as slightly sweet, floral, and spicy with citric elements.

Camphor is easily discernible in its odour which gives a strong smoky flavour. It leaves the tongue with a warm antiseptic sensation similar to eucalyptus and a pepper like after taste.

The fruit is 4 to 6 times size of small cardamom. The seed has had the outer pod, or cardamom fruit, removed so that only the pure seeds remain.

Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic fragrance. Cardamom is best stored in pod form, because once the seeds are exposed or ground, they quickly lose their flavour.

It is the dried, un ripened fruit of the plant. The small, brown-black sticky seeds are contained in a pod in three double rows with about six seeds in each row.

The essential oil, obtained from the steam distillation of the crushed seeds of Larger Cardamon, contain cineole. Cineole gives the herb its aroma as well as its digestive and appetizer properties.

  • The most common use of Larger or Greater Cardamom is as a mouth freshener.
  • Its seeds are credited with stimulant, stomachic and astringent properties.
  • It is used to treat and prevent sore throats.
  • It is also prescribed in the treatment of indigestion and nausea.


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