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Sea India Organic means absolute commitment to quality. All our products are Organic and natural, we want the best for your family and so do we.

Sea India Organic is a trustworthy and reliable Agri-firm in order to uplift the living standards of farmers and to provide high quality agricultural products around the world. Founded in 2008, Sea India Organic is an agricultural enterprise with a wide experience within the agricultural sector. The guiding principles of our company are health and happiness for all beings and great respect. We maintain the bond of trust and co-operation with farmers and customers to promote organic cultivation in India and Supply the products World Wide.

As a part of our corporate mission, we promote education and health programs for farmers and children, offer technical guidance for cultivation and best prices for their produce, aiming improvement of their soil and living standards. We comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries exporting our products. Sea India Organic sources the goodness of nature from tribal farmers in the forest areas and supply it to the rest of the world.

Our Vision

A natural and sustainable way of life that supports all living beings and Mother Nature.

Our Mission

We are trustworthy and innovative by providing genuine organic products and healthy living.

Our Values

Respect to Mother Nature

Commitment to Quality